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Texcraft’s experienced press brake service is your quality partner in secondary process bending of your sheared, plasma and/or laser cut parts.


Texcraft’s press brake line-up includes:

  • Accurpress 320 Ton (Hydraulic)

  • Dreis & Krump 240 Ton (Mechanical)

  • Cincinnati 135 Ton (Mechanical)

  • Accurpress 60 Ton (Hydraulic)

  • Cincinnati 60 Ton (Mechanical)

Our CNC hydraulic press brakes’ gauging systems are known for their speed and accuracy.

Press Break

— Texcraft – Where dreams are made of steel.
          ~ Fabricator, Press Break Operator

— Like all press brakes, the most important part is getting to know your dies. We have a large selection. ACUTE DIES for bending very acute angles, up to 170 degrees. Acute bends can be done in a range from 16 gauge to 3/16” plate. Our 4-way, 85 degree die is also used at Texcraft. This is a 4 sided die for multipurpose bending of 14 ga., 12 ga. 10 ga. and 3/16” plate.

The hydraulic, 320 Ton press brake is, by far, my fav! This press uses the same tooling as our mechanical presses but they are CNC controlled. Long story short, they are controlled by a computer program and run with a hydraulic system that can produce 320 tons of pressure! Each part that gets formed with our press brakes begins as CAD drawings from our programmers.

When programming, you choose material type i.e. mild steel, stainless steel or aluminum. Then material thickness is placed into the program. An example of the bend capacity of our 320 Ton is 6’ of ½” plate at a 90 degree angle.
          ~ Fabricator, Press Break Operator

— With CNC controlled back gauges, I believe we have the top of the line in hydraulic press brakes.
          ~ Fabricating Foreman